Watch these short videos on how to use and get the most out of Fishwah


1. Quick start overview


Learn all you need to know to create and complete goals with Fishwah in just a few minutes.

2. creating a new goal


Learn all you need to know to create a goal with Fishwah.

3. Start with a sample goal


Learn how to load in one of our sample goals as a starting point for creating your own. You may want to view sample goals just to get some ideas.

 4. the dashboard & dream catcher


The dashboard is a place to store one or multiple goals.  The dream catcher a place to write your dreams or vision for the year ahead


 5. The power of the journal


The journal is a simple but powerful tool for self-reflection. Learn how to make the most of this feature.



6. Making the most of the feeling register


Learn how the feeling register can be used to help manage your feelings and emotions.