1. Navigate the goal timeline >

2. Complete a step or repetition >

3. Reset or change the number of step repetitions >

4. View the goal description (what and why) >

5. View the reward description >

6. The goal progress bar >

7. Using the journal >

8. Add a feeling registration >

9. Complete your goal >

10. My Log >


1. Navigate the goal timeline

When you click your goal from the dashboard it is displayed in its own goal timeline. You can see all steps and rewards below the goal along with easy access to the journal and feeling register.

All completed steps, journal entries and feeling registrations are moved into the log area in date order at the bottom of the timeline.

You can move up and down the goal timeline by using your mouse’s scroll wheel or the scroll bar within the internet page.


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2. Complete a step or repetition

a) Complete a rep:


As discussed previously a step can be repeated a number of times. In the case of goals related to anxiety, fears or worries it is advisable to have 3 or more repetitions of each step to ensure the behaviour or feeling is locked in.

To register the completion of a rep, click the complete rep button at the bottom of the current step.

When you complete a rep you will notice the rep button count down.


b) Complete a step:


When you are on the last repetition of a step, the button will change from complete rep to complete step.

To register the completion of a step, click the complete step button at the bottom of the step.

When you complete a step, the step is moved into the log area. It will have an undo button attached to the last completed step. Click the undo button if you wish to return the step back into the timeline above and remove it from log (if the step was completed accidentally or you decide the step is not complete).

Note steps can’t be completed out of order (you can always re-order steps in Edit Goal mode).

c) If you accidentally select complete step, you can click undo.


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3. Reset or change the number of step repetitions


You may find that you need to reset the number of reps if the step is not mastered within the original number of repetitions. Just go into goal edit mode and change the step reps to the number required.

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4. View the goal description (what and why)


Hover over the goal image and the goal ‘What’ and ‘Why’ will be displayed

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5. View the reward description


Hover over the reward image and the reward description will be displayed, if a reward description exists.

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6. The goal progress bar


Every time you complete a step or repetition the progress bar will be adjusted to indicate your goal percentage complete.

This progress bar is shown in the goal timeline and also in the dashboard.

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7. Using the journal


a) Click inside the journal box to add a journal entry.

b) You can add an image to your journal entry by clicking the image icon. The image will appear as a small thumbnail icon at the bottom of the journal until the entry is saved into the log.

c) Click the Q button adjacent to the journal to see a series of questions pre-populated in the journal. Keep clicking the “Q” button to cycle through the available questions. You can type over these questions if you don’t want them in your entry; alternatively start typing underneath the question to leave it as part of your journal entry.

Note: The Q button will overwrite any text you have already entered into the journal. Select your question before entering any text.

d) Select Save when you have completed your journal entry to add it to the log Journal entry recorded in Log

Journal entry recorded in Log


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8. Add a feeling registration

The feeling register allows you to select a face to represent how you are feeling, then scale that feeling out of 10.


a) Click an appropriate face

b) Select a rating out of 10 and click save.
Your feeling registration will be added into the log.


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9. Complete your goal

When you click complete step on your last step you will be presented with a congratulations screen.


When you navigate back to the dashboard you will notice that your goal has been removed from the dashboard and placed into the goal history timeline on the right of the page.


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10. My Log

My Log is an area that records all your completed steps, unlocked rewards, journal entries and feeling registrations; each with a date stamp.


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