Step by step instructions on all our features and functions

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Create your Goal

Click here >

1. Add a new goal

2. Enter a goal title, what and why

3. Add a goal reward

4. Add steps and repetitions and reorder steps

5. Add rewards for individual steps

6. Save your goal

7. Hitting the GO! button


Edit your goal

Click here >

1. Access the goal edit mode

2. Add steps

3. Add rewards

4. Delete steps

5. Delete rewards

6. Change repetitions

7. Drag and drop to reorder steps


Complete your Goal

Click here >

1. Navigating the goal timeline

2. Complete a step or repetition

3. Reset or change the number of step repetitions

4. View the goal description (what and why)

5. View the reward description

6. The goal progress bar

7. Using the journal

8. Add a feeling registration

9. Complete your goal

10. My Log


The Dashboard & Dream Catcher

Click here >

1. Understand the Dashboard

2. Access completed goals

3. The Dream Catcher


Sample Goals

Click here >

1. View and load sample goals