Moods, Emotions & Feelings

Fish Food 29 – Change your mood by changing your environment

If the family is feeling stressed, moody or a bit low one way to lift your mood, even if it’s only a short term boost, is to change your environment.

Why not go for a walk in the natural world.  Get out into the countryside, go to the beach, or even just your local park or gardens. Connect with mother nature, feel the sunshine on your face and get some of that natural vitamin D.  Studies have found that getting outdoors in your natural environment has an immediately relaxing effect on the brain.

Other short term strategies for changing your environment could also involve cleaning up and organising the house, maybe even a de-clutter, or getting out and about and going somewhere different.

These may only be short term strategies and may not have long lasting effects, but it can give you an instant boost.  To help you snap you out of your anxiety long enough to get going on something that will have longer term impact on your mood.




Fish Food 26 – Moods affect our lives

“Moods affect people differently, and everyone has his or her own unique mood patterns.  Some people may have relatively steady moods throughout the course of the day, which don’t alter much as they travel through life.  Others experience a roller-coaster of moods, and are more easily affected by what is going on around them – and inside!  Others experience mood swings and changes at certain times of the day, month or even year.  Our lives and our success are defined as much by our moods as they are by our personalities.”  from the book “Mood Mapping – Plot you way to emotional health and happiness”

Moods affect what we chose to do, how we feel and behave, how we think and how we communicate.

In future articles I’ll explore how we can help our kids understand their moods and feelings and learn to manage and improve them.