A love letter to my child


Our eldest child Mia is about to enter an exciting chapter in her life next year – starting high school.  Her primary school is currently organising a ‘Reflection Day’ to give the year 6 students an opportunity to pause and reflect on their lives as they enter an important rite of passage. During this day the children read a short letter from both parents to reassure them of their importance to the life of those around them. Her teacher explained it to us in a beautiful way:

“It’s a tangible expression of your love and pride, as well as ongoing hopes and dreams you have for your child’s future”.

To be honest writing this letter was a little challenging. How often do you write your child a letter of affection and encouragement like this?   Maybe writing “I love you” on a birthday card. But this was different. This was a chance for me to write a considered and warm letter to expresses my unconditional love for her.


All you need is love! My take on Valentine’s Day


I know what you’re thinking – not another article about Valentine’s Day!  Before you disregard it, I need to declare that I have never really celebrated Valentine’s Day and until now have viewed it commercial hype for the economic benefit of florists and stationers; just another “Hallmark Holiday”.  I have a different take on Valentine’s Day and other special days after reading a book called Happier at Home, written by New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin.


Fish Food 41 – Love is like the wind


“In raising children, everything depends on the love relationship between parent and child.  Nothing works well if a child’s love needs are not met. Only the child who feels genuinely loved and cared for can do her best. You may truly love your child, but unless she feels it – unless you speak the love languages that communicates to her your love – she will not feel loved.”   Gary Chapman