Fish Food 32 – The key to your child’s learning is you

A supportive environment and attitude will help our children learn at home.

A home environment that is rich in stimulation of vision, hearing, touch, taste, and smell will feed their natural desire to discover and learn. Children discover life through the five senses.

If we build our child’s level of emotional maturity, including ability to control their anxiety, withstand stress and maintain balance during times of change, the better they can learn.

A child who is doing well emotionally will have the concentration, motivation, and energy he or she needs to use their abilities. ¬†And parents have the greatest effect of the child’s emotional growth.

“The key to your child’s learning is you, from infancy on through all the years of formal training. ¬†Learning is a complex feat that is influenced by many factors. One of the strongest of these is your total involvement.” Gary Chapman. The 5 Love Languages of Children