Goal Setting

Fish Food 44 – Action is essential


Lyrics for ‘New Year’s Resolutions – We have them too’


This is a call-out to all the kids out there
We don’t think it’s very fair
That Mum’s and Dad’s, they just don’t care
That we’ve all got goals we want to share

New Year’s resolutions, we have them too
So get Mum or Dad, to sit down with you
And think of stuff that’s fresh and new
Those things you’ve always wanted to do

Make a plan to get them done
Goals can be a lot of fun
You might have a few or have a tonne
So start afresh from January 1

Make a plan for the year, to be your best
It’s a brand new year, no time to rest
Put yourself, to the test
And your year will be better than the rest

Making goals helps us get what might seem
To only be a distant dream
Work with your parents as a team
And let’s all build our self-esteem

Maybe it’s time, to overcome that fear
Or to get your brain, into gear
Come on kid’s, don’t you hear?!
2014, it’s our year!!


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New Year’s Resolutions – We have them too

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“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering ‘it will be happier’…”  Alfred Tennyson.

Why do adults make New Year’s resolutions?

For most of us the New Year represents an opportunity to start again with a clean slate, to strive for a better version of ourselves, perhaps spurred on by the spirit of the season of ‘good will to all men’.

The festive season offers us respite and a change of scenery from the rigours and stresses of modern life and causes us to reflect on how we might attain a little of that respite throughout the year to come.  The holidays provide time not only to think and reflect but to translate this into action and the act in itself can provide the sense of achievement and satisfaction that comes with setting yourself a new direction. As they say ‘a change is as good as a holiday’.

Making New Year’s resolutions is typically an adult activity, but have you ever considered doing the same with your children?  Maybe that should be your New Year’s resolution!


Goal setting with kids in 8 easy steps


We’ve talked previously about the benefits of goal setting for kids and 7 ways to use goal setting with kids.  So how do you go about choosing a specific goal and what happens after that?


7 ways goal setting can be used with kids


Now that you understand the benefits of goal setting for kids and can see how it helps to improve outcomes for both children and parents, you may be wondering about the types of goals you can set with your child. Well this is actually the easy part. Since goal setting is simply identifying something you want to achieve and setting in motion the steps to attain it; it can be applied to almost every area of our life.

So let’s take a look at the many different areas in which you can use goal setting with kids.


The benefits of goal setting for kids


Every family is different. Unique in its own special way. And therefore every family has needs and challenges that are as different as the people within them. Anxiety, special needs, behavioural issues, lack of structure for homework or lack of confidence and self-esteem are but a few of the challenges that families are faced with. Or needs may be simpler, but they are just as important. Maybe you just want your child to achieve more at school.

Whatever your situation, the use of a goal setting framework can benefit children and parents in many ways. Such as: