Do bullied children get anxiety, or children with anxiety get bullied? Which comes first?


Today is the National Day of action against bullying and violence so we thought we’d have a look at the link between bullying and anxiety. We found an interesting study which was conducted in the Netherlands to investigate whether bullying victimisation precedes psychosomatic and psychosocial symptoms or whether these symptoms precede victimisation.

In other words, does bullying bring on anxiety, or are children who suffer anxiety and depression more vulnerable to being bullied?


Fish Food 49 – Talk about being teased and bullied


When you realise your child is being teased or bullied, you need, first of all, to show concern and sympathy for your child – they may not want you to do anything (yet), but may just want to talk it through.

It’s important for children to talk about it as it will help take the hurt and shame out of it. By making jokes out of the teases, unkind words can lose their power.



5 tactics for children to outsmart a bully

In this video Mia and Isaac demonstrate five approaches children can use to outsmart a bully.