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Our Story


We created Fishwah because we want to help parents help their children.  Families helping families. We want to bring parents and kids together to conquer worry, fear and anxiety. As parents with children who are anxious and lack confidence we understand the impact it can have on children and on the family. We know what it’s like when you want to help your children, but don’t know what to do.

If you haven’t already, check out our video that explains why we created Fishwah and what it took to create.

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The ‘Fish’ in Fishwah represents freedom and a calming influence; the freedom that confidence and resilience provides, and the calming influence for those who are anxious. The ‘wah’ in Fishwah adds a sense of fun and energy.

How do I pronounce Fishwah?

Fish (rhymes with dish); wah (rhymes with ahh). Fish-wah!

Meet the Team



Natalie Byrne

Natalie is the co-founder of Fishwah with responsibility for partnerships, media relations and customer support.

Natalie has had two very successful careers in teaching and the application software arena.

As an educator and trainer, Natalie is always determined to help her students achieve their best in a nurturing and inclusive environment. Her focus on simple and practical training and teaching has produced results that speak for themselves.

In the last five years of her career as a School Teacher, Natalie took on additional roles as the Careers Counsellor and Guidance Coordinator. In these roles, she helped students set personal, academic and career goals as well as working with teachers, parents and students around behaviour modification and discipline, with a strong emphasis on working collaboratively and rewarding progress.

In the application software arena Natalie worked in implementing and project managing multi-million dollar software solutions across Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. Natalie is always customer focused, providing product solutions which both meet the requirements of the business and ensures a positive user experience. Her strong analytical, interpersonal and communication skills led to her success in working with a wide range of clients.

Co-founding Fishwah has enabled Natalie to combine her passions, her skills and the experience she has gained in teaching, training, end user support, consulting and project management. She also brings to all of her endeavours her light heartedness, upbeat support and ability to relate well to children, parents and professionals.


Stephen Byrne

Stephen is co-founder of Fishwah with responsibility for design, marketing and systems. In addition he brings his creativity, his passion and his strive for excellence.

Prior to Fishwah Stephen spent over 20 years working for large consulting engineering companies as a Drafter and CAD Manager.  Notably in this time, he managed, coached and mentored drafters and was involved in integration and support of software applications such as AutoCAD, various Document Management Systems and Intranets.  He was also responsible for designing online and blended learning solutions for his CAD Community – all with a focus on team engagement, knowledge sharing, communication and user-centric design.

Outside of work Stephen enjoys his passion for creative endeavors, health and his family. He lives in Sydney with wife and co-founder of Fishwah, Natalie and their children Mia and Isaac. He has worked part-time since having children so he can be actively involved in their upbringing.


Kayla Perkins

Kayla found her infatuation with photography whilst completing a bachelor of digital media at the University of New South Wales. Since graduating in 2011, she has worked on a variety of projects involving video, photography, design and art direction.

Usually working in the field of fashion photography, Kayla has been able to expand her thinking and advance her creativity with Fishwah to beautifully capture the Fishwah brand and feel.

You can find more of her work at: www.theloop.com.au/KaylaPerkinsPhoto/portfolio

Expert Advisers

At Fishwah we understand the importance of having the right people mentor and advise us.

Michelle Duval

Michelle is a pioneer in the field of professional coaching. She currently specialises in working with entrepreneurs, thought leaders, CEO’s and other specialist organisational leaders.

Bjorn Behrendt

Bjorn has years of experience in online retail, web development, complex software projects, online marketing, systems integration, mobile, web 2.0 and project management, content production and e-commerce logistics.

Our Mission

Our mission at Fishwah is simple…..

To help create relaxed, happy and confident children one step at a time!