What is Fishwah? What do I get when I sign up? Who needs Fishwah and why?  

What is Fishwah?

Fishwah provides parents with useful tools and step-by-step guides to help you teach your child how to conquer his or her worry, fear and anxiety; big or small!

The benefits of managing worry, fear and anxiety for kids are life-enhancing. They include feeling better about themselves; approaching things with confidence; coping better with change and challenges; and a calmer more enjoyable approach to life.

Anxious children will try to avoid things that cause them worry or anxiety. However avoiding situations only helps reduce the fear in the short term and can actually maintain or heighten anxiety in the long run.  Our solution to this is a unique, interactive online tool where parents work together with their children to set goals to face and overcome their fear or worry.

We know that children who are anxious tend to think about and interpret experiences in unhelpful ways; often jumping to negative conclusions and overestimating how likely it is that something bad or unpleasant will happen. At Fishwah we target this and teach children how to evaluate and respond to their thinking in more realistic and helpful ways. Children develop better ways of thinking about themselves, their world and other people; which positively influences their mood and behaviour.

Fishwah teaches children other important skills and techniques to manage anxiety. They include problem solving, making decisions, social skills, assertiveness and relaxation and mindfulness.

Fishwah is based on a solid foundation of proven principles that are most effective in managing fear and anxiety.

Explore the many reasons why you’ll love Fishwah.

If you haven’t already, check out our video that explains why we created Fishwah and what it took to create.

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here’s what you get:


Access to our unique interactive goal setting tool
With its simple and powerful features to help kids set and achieve goals to face and overcome their worries and fears.


A series of step-by-step parent guides
Containing everything you need to know to teach your child how to conquer their worries, fears and anxiety. We help you get started and stay on track by using as much or little of the resources as you need.


Access to our library of sample goals and templates
Great to get ideas or use straight away


Supporting resources
Including video tutorials and case studies to help you get the most out of Fishwah.


Our email newsletter 
All the latest news, tips and content to keep you informed


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Who Needs Fishwah and Why?

It might surprise you to know anxiety is actually the most common problem reported by children of all ages. Anxiety can intrude in many aspects of a child’s life, affecting friendships and social confidence, performance at school, undermine their enjoyment and happiness, and inhibit them reaching their potential.  In some cases, anxiety in childhood can be the beginning of a lifetime of anxiousness that can be a serious problem in life.  Not to mention the demands and emotional stress it can place on the family.

To experience some degree of fear and anxiety is a perfectly normal and healthy part of growing up.  However, when worries and anxiety start to become a problem and interfere with normal activities or things children need or want to do, it is worth doing something about it.

Anxiety is a serious subject, but we aim to make it fun for kids to ensure they are engaged and learning.


PARENTS and caregivers

Fishwah is designed for parents and caregivers wanting to help their children conquer their worries, fear and anxiety and build confidence and resilience for life’s challenges.

We all lead busy lives and Fishwah understands that parents need techniques and strategies that are easy to follow and implement, are practical and can be applied to everyday life.

Fishwah is designed to be used collaboratively by parents and children, with the level of parental involvement determined by the nature of the difficulties, and the child’s stage of life, as well as their developmental and intellectual level.


Fishwah is aimed at primary school aged children (5-12 years), who experience some level of worry, fear or anxiety which they need to learn to manage or overcome. It is also suitable for older children and adolescents.

Fishwah helps children to manage emotions and unhelpful ways of thinking and behaving due to worries and anxiety. They learn to think more realistically about situations they encounter so they can deal with them in a calm and confident way.

Fishwah provides kids with the tools, skills and confidence to face their fears and challenges one step at a time.

Let’s face it we all need encouragement to work on things that are unpleasant or difficult – like facing fears. Fishwah’s highly visual and interactive goal setting tool with it’s reward system motivates and engages kids.

Fishwah focuses on early intervention to give children the skills to manage their fear and anxiety so they know how to deal with them as they grow up and will therefore be less likely to become anxious teens or adults.



Mental Health professionals

You may be a mental health professional who’s interested in finding a friendly resource for your clients who suffer from worry or anxiety.

Fishwah is designed around proven professional programs and principles, including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Our unique online goal setting tool provides the perfect structure for creating exposure hierarchies and has the following important features:

  • Structure for breaking goals into incremental steps
  • Repetition button to allow for steps to be repeated
  • Reward system for positive reinforcement and motivation
  • Feeling register for capturing worry ratings and managing emotions
  • Journal for reflection and documenting progress

Professionals may decide to use Fishwah with their clients as part of their own practice – an extra tool in their kit bag. It can support traditional face-to-face therapy and the online goal setting tool is a great way to capture practice and progress between sessions as well as being ideal for remote clients.

Of course, Fishwah cannot be, and is not, responsible for how a professional uses the tool with their clients.


Important note: Fishwah has been designed to empower parents to help their own children. We cannot guarantee that Fishwah will work for all children or in all circumstances, and Fishwah is not a substitute for normal parental responsibility and supervision, or for individual counselling or treatment. If you or your child are working on a goal to overcome fear or anxiety where the anxiety is causing significant problems in your life or your child’s life we recommend that you see a health professional. Fishwah may be a useful adjunct to the health professionals’ services, and you should seek this advice if appropriate.